Driveway, Patio & Pathway, North Rigton

The project we did in North Rigton was a challenging redesign of a Driveway, Patio and Pathway, that needed to be made both practical and striking. The challenging part was the geometry of the land. The existing drive was steep with a narrowing near the front, that only allowed access for one vehicle at a time.

The project was broken down into 2 phases, firstly the extensive Pathway that encircled the home, and new Patio. Secondly the Driveway. After the dig out and reshape, we installed a weed barrier and drainage. We used the fantastic looking Marshall’s Indian Sandstone in Brown Multi colour, for the Pathway and Patio. Our highly¬†skilled team were able to bring flow to this project by landscaping¬†the grounds, providing a seamless stroll from entrance, around the dwelling, and back, with just one feature step. The large Patio will cater for any sized outdoor function, and has three access points from the house, for extra convenience.

The Driveway was enlarged by the removal of a flower bed and several stone pillars. This gave a much better access arrangement and made the property look much larger. The Driveway was reshaped to give it an effortless roll up to the property. The Tarmac we used as the final surface was edged with Marshall’s Drivesett Tegula Hazelnut border, to tie into the Pathway design, and really highlight the Drive space.

In achieving our goal, we delivered a much more practical, usable Driveway and created a landscape that will be loved for years to come.

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