Kirkstall Forge Railway Station

Kirkstall Forge Train Station was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our abilities as Paving and Groundworks Specialists. Knowing that train stations carry a huge amount of footfall every day, we looked upon this exciting enterprise with the view of giving a bit of ourselves, to a lot of people. What better way to start or end your commute than with a hub that has been constructed to a beautiful, high standard.

We formed all the infrastructure leading into Kirkstall Forge Station, setting all the kerbs, paving the pathways, installing all the drainage and preparing the carriageway for it’s final surface. Our award winning team always works to the highest standard possible, and with the knowledge that our workmanship would be enjoyed by so many, we had that bit extra incentive to really show our craftsmanship.

We took a great sense of pride away from this project. We really felt like we were handing something over to the public. A little piece of Yorkshire Pro Paving that commuters and travelers from all over can enjoy, for a long time to come.



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